Vaccination offered in lobby of COVID-hit apartment complex

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Vaccines were offered right inside a residential complex in New Taipei on Monday. The complex was hit by a COVID outbreak earlier this month. The CECC is prioritizing vaccination for residents, who can shots in the lobby instead of at a public clinic.

A nurse from Taipei Hospital administers one shot after another. She’s not at a hospital, but inside an apartment complex in New Taipei’s Banqiao District.

Vaccine after vaccine goes into arms. Outside the room, disinfection is underway. Earlier this month, several COVID cases were found in this residential complex, in connection to a preschool cluster. All residents of Building B are now in isolation. All 473 residents of Building A are conducting self-health management and have been offered a vaccine.

Apartment complex committee member
This arrangement is giving everybody peace of mind. Residents can simply come downstairs and get their vaccine.

Three hundred doses of AstraZeneca were set aside for residents 18 and older, who had not yet received their first shot. They did not need to register for an appointment.

Victor Wang
Health official
Right now, this building is a COVID hotspot. Those in self-health management can’t easily go to a hospital. There are more than 400 residents, some of them children and some with one dose already. Our current vaccine coverage is 48%, so some of the residents are already vaccinated. We were loose with the ballpark estimate and set aside 300 doses. There probably aren’t that many people who need one.

Hou Yu-ih
New Taipei mayor
After much back and forth, the central government dispatched a team to the apartment complex, to vaccinate the residents of Building A. We warmly welcome such a move.

Arrangements will also be made for the residents of Building B to get vaccinated after their 14-day isolation period.
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