Top 30 New Mods Released for Minecraft 1.16.5 on Forge & Fabric This Week!

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2Hey guys, here's another 30 mods released over the past week for Forge and Fabric, this video is longer than usual, as there was a lot of releases. But it seemed like an especially good week for Forge users, as Fabric didn't see many additions, so we'll see what next week holds :). All these mods where tested on Minecraft , and you can find all the links below to download them on Minecraft Java.

Shaders: Complementary Shaders -
Songs: [Sound Off - Jones Meadow][Sur Mer - Duckmaw][Bellaquita - Lawd Ito]

Modern Life: [FORGE]
Betterlands: [FORGE]
Worlds With Ores: [FORGE]
No More Nether: [FORGE]
Netherite Firework: [FORGE]
Village Employment: [FORGE]
Ghast Cow: [FORGE]
Bone Tools: [FORGE]
Spruce Mineshafts: [FORGE]
Burger Mod: [FORGE]
TNT Ultra: [FORGE]
Colds Steel: [FORGE]
Glass Crafter: [FORGE]
Ancient Structures: [FORGE]
Kobolds: [FORGE]
Felix Creatures: [FORGE]
Chatta Chisel: [FORGE]
Nether's Exoticism: [FORGE]
Malum: [FORGE]
More Villagers: [FORGE]
More Villagers: [FABRIC]
Farmer's Delight: [FORGE]
Farmer's Delight: [FABRIC]
Better Safe Bed: [FORGE] [FABRIC]
Simply Improved Terrain: [FORGE]
Simply Improved Terrain: [FABRIC]
Isometric Renders: [FABRIC]
Mooblooms and Mud: [FABRIC]
Status Effect Timer: [FABRIC]
Experience Point Bottler: [FABRIC]
No Creeper Holes: [FABRIC]
Reaping Mod: [FABRIC]

0:00 - Intro
0:16 - Modern Life [FORGE]
0:57 - Betterlands [FORGE]
1:35 - Worlds with Ores [FORGE]
2:03 - No More Nether [FORGE]
2:21 - Netherite Firework [FORGE]
2:47 - Villager Employment [FORGE]
3:14 - Ghast Cow [FORGE]
3:34 - Bone Tools [FORGE]
4:04 - Spruce Mineshafts [FORGE]
4:17 - Burger Mod [FORGE]
4:39 - TNT Ultra [FORGE]
4:55 - Colds: Steel [FORGE]
5:38 - Glass Crafter [FORGE]
5:54 - Ancient Structures [FORGE]
6:14 - Kobolds [FORGE]
6:39 - Felix Creatures [FORGE]
7:03 - Chatta Chisel [FORGE]
7:23 - Nether's Exoticism [FORGE]
7:43 - Malum [FORGE]
8:09 - More Villagers [BOTH]
8:49 - Farmer's Delight [BOTH]
9:19 - Simply Improved Terrain [BOTH]
9:38 - Better Safe Bed [BOTH]
9:50 - Isometric Renders [FABRIC]
10:11 - Mooblooms & Mud [FABRIC]
10:35 - Status Effect Timer [FABRIC]
10:51 - Experience Point Bottler [FABRIC]
11:14 - No Creeper Holes [FABRIC]
11:32 - Reaping Mod [FABRIC]
11:47 - Outro

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