Top 22 New Minecraft 1.16.4 Mods for Forge & Fabric Released This Week!

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Hey guys! Here's a look at 22 mods that where released over the past week or so on CurseForge. All of these mods are for Forge and Fabric, you can hover over the timeline or check the timestamps below to see which mod matches what. Nothing too crazy release wise, but a few good ones which might be worth adding to your setup. Hope there's something useful in here!

Shaders: BSL Shaders -
Songs: [Midnight Zenith - Luwaks][Frame of Mind - Brendon Moeller]

Dummy Players: [FORGE]
Campfire Overhaul: [FORGE]
More Flower Bushes: [FORGE]
Architect's Palette: [FORGE]
Tree Plant: [FORGE]
Effect Enchantments: [FORGE]
Forgery: [FORGE]
Forgery: [FABRIC]
Ore Scanner: [FORGE]
Extra TNT: [FORGE]
Timber Framing: [FORGE]
New XP Ore: [FORGE]
Hardcore Extended: [FORGE]
Evolved RPG: [FORGE]
Alaska Native Craft: [FABRIC]
Fading: [FARBIC]
Fading Alternative: [FORGE]
Spellbound Enchantments: [FABRIC]
Vanilla Foods Enhanced: [FABRIC]
Simple Angel Ring: [FABRIC]
Compact TNT: [FABRIC]
Damage Tint: [FABRIC]
Kiln: [FABRIC]
Comforts: [FABRIC]
Comforts: [FORGE]

0:00 - Intro
0:13 - Dummy Players [FORGE]
0:29 - Campfire Overhaul [FORGE]
1:03 - More Flower Bushes [FORGE]
1:21 - Architects Palette [FORGE]
1:44 - Tree Plant [FORGE]
1:59 - Effect Enchantments [FORGE]
2:28 - Forgery [FORGE & FABRIC]
3:12 - Ore Scanner [FORGE]
3:34 - Extra TNT [FORGE & FABRIC]
4:02 - Timber Framing [FORGE]
4:20 - XP Ore [FORGE]
4:41 - Hardcore Extended [FORGE]
4:59 - Evolved RPG [FORGE]
5:20 - Alaska Native Craft [FABRIC]
5:50 - Fading [FORGE & FABRIC]
6:07 - Spellbound Enchantments [FABRIC]
6:39 - Vanilla Foods Enhanced [FABRIC]
7:09 - Simple Angel Ring [FABRIC]
7:28 - Compact TNT [FABRIC]
7:45 - Damage Tint [FABRIC]
7:56 - Kiln [FABRIC]
8:12 - Comforts [FORGE & FABRIC]
8:31 - Outro

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