Today's Topic 5/3 (alternate reading) All Zodiacs: A very complex, heavy reading.

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*Disclaimer: My Tarot readings are intended for entertainment purposes ONLY and are absolutely NOT an accurate depiction of past, present or future situations. I do not claim to have psychic abilities. Tarot should never replace medical, legal or professional advice. Individuals are solely responsible for their own interpretations and actions.

Decks used: Gilded Tarot &Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti, Tarot of the Golden Wheel, Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman and Golden tarot by Liz Dean and Celestial Tarot by & and Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot by Church of light, Tarot Apokalypsis by & K. Huggens, Santa Muerte Tarot, uncommon tarot, tarot of the divine by yoshi yoshitani .

I own copyrights to all images including thumbnails, I am the photographer.
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