These 20 Mods Make Minecraft 1.16.4 Feel Like an RPG! [FORGE]

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Hey guys! This video shows off over 20 mods that make Minecraft feel more like an exploration-focused RPG. You'll have tons of new structures, mobs and other features that you'll see in traditional RPGs like Minimap's, Waypoints, Fast Travel etc. Make sure to leave your own suggestions in the comments! I know a lot of people still want Fabric, but it was a bit complicated for this one. Though I've loved messing around with these mods, and would still recommend a playthrough using them (and others of your own choice)

Shaders: BSL Shaders -
Songs: [In the Sunset With Me - Russell Vista] [Time Traveller - Sum Wave]

First Aid:
Dungeon Crawl:
Valhelsia Structures:
Dynamic Surroundings:
Towers of the Wild:
Travelers Backpack:
World Generation:
Switch Bow:
Xaero's Minimap:
Progressive Bosses:
Villager Names:
Starter Kit:
Wall Jump:
Project MMO:
Save Your Pets:
Ice and Fire:

Other mods in video but not covered:
Back Tools:
Genetic Animals:

Playing on Fabric?
Waystones Alternative:
Backpack Alternative:
Oh The Biomes You'll Go:
Neat (Orderly):
Xaeros Minimap:
Villager Names:
Wall Jump:
EXTRA: Origins, which is a mod that adds classes and abilities, which gives an RPG feeling:

0:00 - Intro
0:18 - Waystones
0:40 - Comforts
1:00 - First Aid
1:26 - Dungeon Crawl
1:56 - Valhelsia Structures
2:17 - Dynamic Surroundings
2:48 - Towers of the Wild
3:16 - Paragliders
3:32 - Travelers Backpack
3:59 - World Generation
4:19 - Switch Bow
4:45 - Neat
5:00 - Xaero's Minimap
5:19 - Progressive Bosses
5:40 - Villager Names
5:51 - Starter Kit
6:11 - Wall Jump
6:26 - Project MMO
7:01 - Save Your Pets
7:21 - Ice and Fire
7:52 - Outro

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