Playing HL2 FULL BUNNYHOPPING Ghosting Mod [Minecraft until 1:08:34]

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Download the "Ghosting Mod" and "Cutsceneless Mod" from here:
Instructions to install Ghosting Mod here:
HL2 gameplay starts at 1:08:34

The Ghosting mod is a mod that brings back bunnyhopping and air strafe movement in a big way. Movement is back, and with this mod the game essentially plays like quake 2. Air acceleration is high so you can strafe real hard around corners and bhop very quickly. Run acceleration is high so you can run around real fast and climb crazy steep cliffs. In other words fun is high in this mod. The only thing missing is old engine prop flying.

Cutsceneless maps also appear in this. You basically replace the map files in your game with the ones you download from the map pack linked above, after backing up the originals of course, and you get to skip all the Alyx doors, cutscene forcefields, and other game events that stand in your way.

0:00 darkness
0:25 song
2:20 2x speed song meme
7:22 Pre-Show: Reviewing how far the Minecraft server has progressed (IP: )
1:08:34 HL2 Ghosting Mod *REAL VIDEO STARTS HERE*
1:17:09 Explanation of mods: No cutscenes, All the fun glitches, and skipping the HEV suit & crowbar
1:28:44 Saving the crow and the tunnel NPC
1:39:20 discovering goombah mechanic on explosive barrels
1:42:00 VENT QUIRK
1:47:58 old man tries and fails for 2 hours to get back into the vent his career started in
2:01:47 cat bhop video
2:08:39 interesting HEV suit theory (SUIT = LIAR)
2:10:47 messing with gman
2:13:03 my stance on autobhop vs scroll has changed hardcore (RSI SUCKS)
2:21:40 I wake up all the sleeping people in the stream
2:33:07 chat officially decides I should try to do the airboat door skip
2:48:29 3000 people watch me try to get through a door
2:59:57 DeSinc reminisces in his youth by watching a replay of something he just did 2 minutes ago
3:08:21 getting mad at TF2
3:20:21 internet historian collab vid - funny story
3:22:27 I wake up sleeping people in the stream again, and wilburgur shows up again
3:43:37 Allan tells me to go to ravenholm
3:57:30 I try to skip the grigori cable car for 6 hours [VIEWER IN CHAT COMES TO RESCUE]
4:11:08 I get an idea for a grigori gag in a video, Allan tells me how to do it
4:17:06 regular scheduled bhopping resumes
4:32:18 funny donation string begins
5:51:04 sorse technology
5:52:29 hi antlion, bye antlion
5:54:10 realising I can skip alyx
5:56:50 realising alyx is more broken than I thought
6:06:06 gard m e l e e
6:11:25 DESINC REDDIT (don't watch this part it's crap)
6:12:19 comparing a really toasty webcam fan video with my own webcam
6:13:31 it's "seeya mate" + MY LIST OF GRIEVANCES WITH YOU LOT
6:18:01 end of the stream (VERY LOUD)
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