New UPDATE Beta 1.9.0 Complete Overview | Minecraft Parasite Mod

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Oh Hey. So the new beta for the Minecraft parasite mod ScapeAndRunParasites has been released and I go through it. Also all the changes from the last beta to this one so I am covering all the changes in the alphas that came out in between. The most notable changes are the new mobs like the assimilated enderman and the parasite biome.

Mod (note a new version is out which is a bug fix this is just to show u the changelog)

0:00 Intro
1:05 Mobs and Entities
9:10 Status Effects
10:58 More Mob Info
13:00 Reinforcement System
13:59 Parasite Biome
15:34 Evolution Phases
16:11 New Weapons
16:56 Config
17:11 Fixes
17:15 General
17:49 Outro

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