NEW Ninja Clothes! Naruto Anime Mod Solo Series EP 4! (Naruto Minecraft Modded Lets Play)

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In todays video im continuing the series in the Naruto anime minecraft mod! Im gonna make this series to fill in for days in between 100 days videos! In todays Naruto Anime Mod series video we travelled across the world in search of some ninja traders so we can get some NEW ninja clothes! We got pretty dripped by the end of this video, we also stocked up on some food and became a little stronger! I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

This mod adds a ton if Jutsus, Ninja tools, Kekkei Genkai, tailed beasts, the legendary Sharingan, and much much more! If you are familiar with mine or icees channels you have seen this mod, and like it a lot!! Super hype we were able to have been given such a great clan especially one with a kekkei genkai!

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