Neurobion Fort Tablet = Vitamin B Complex + Vitamin B12 = शारीरिक थकावट में बहुत उपयोगी दवा

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It is used for the prevention and treatment of Vitamin B deficiencies. B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins, which means the excess of these vitamins gets excreted from the body through urine. The deficiency of B vitamins in the body can put you at risk of anemia, weakness (or fatigue), weight loss, frequent mouth ulcers, tingling sensation in limbs, headache, dementia or memory problems, depression, confusion, hair loss, poor immune function, dry skin, liver problems, and kidney problems.

It is a multivitamin supplement that contains Vitamin B-complex and its variants such as Vitamin B1 (Thiamine mononitrate), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), and Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin). Also known as B-complex vitamins, these vitamins play a crucial role in numerous body functions such as metabolism of nutrients, red blood cell production, nervous system functioning, and skin health.

Key ingredients:
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine mononitrate): 10 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): 10 mg
Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide): 45 mg
Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate): 50 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride): 3 mg
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin): 15 mcg

Key uses of Neurobion Forte Tablet:
Treats Vitamin B-complex deficiency and keeps the level of these vitamins well-balanced
Helps in maintaining the overall health of bones, joints, and cartilage, making it useful in treating arthritis
Provides effective relief from mouth ulcers
Helps in reducing neuropathic pain
Reduces the effects of depression
Helps in maintaining the levels of all essential nutrients in the body

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