Mob Squad RETURNS: SLIMES & Skeleton Quests | Mob Squad (Minecraft Animation)

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When last we left the Mob Squad, they had just been SLAIN by the Enderdragon! But they're quick to discover that they're THESE MOBS CAN RESPAWN!?
In this funny Minecraft animation, follow Witch Endy and Creeper as they experiment with their newfound immortality. What quests will the Skeletons give them, and will they be able to sneak past the Pillager Fortress??

Script: Annie Krueger
Design: Brandon Wells
Enderman - Stephen Pena
Witch - Marianne Bray
Creeper, Pedro - Andrew Chan
Slime, Skeleton Horse Trap - Kevin Andrew Rivera
Bow Skeleton - Kim Morton
Fishing Skeleton - Jonah Rashid
Sword Skeleton - Peter Murphy ()
Compass Skeleton - Jeff Wheeler (@jeffwheelerVA)
Poisoned Potato - Kyotosomo ()
Paula - Ashley Rapuano
Patricia - Nicole Mackie
Phil - Baldwin Williams
Johnny The Vindicator - James OByrne
Audio Mixing: Jake Walker
Animation: Ovni Vaca Studios

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