Isaac vs Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin Minecraft (FNF Mod)

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Friday Night Funkin! Binding of Isaac in Minecraft FNF Roleplay! We discover Isaac and have to escape!! Songs: "Sacrificial" (we filmed this before the full week)
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Isaac vs Boyfriend in Friday Night Funkin Minecraft (FNF Mod)

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⭐ People in video:
@DigitizedPixels @Dr. Kanoka and RhinoDragon
Snorrr, Enzodragon1, Aash, Gmanluigi, Kashino

➡ Sarvente and Ruv vs Boyfriend:
➡ Tricky vs Boyfriend Friday Night Funkin:
➡ Aphmau Friday the 13th:

???? Friday Night Funkin' is a popular rap battle game in which Boyfriend competes against various different competitors! With characters such as Daddy Dearest, Mom, Girlfriend, The Monster, Pico, Whitty, Hex and more! This is a recreation of FNF inside Minecraft known as Roleplay. Roleplay is where we act in Minecraft! Minecraft But its Friday Night Funkin!

???? Music provided by EpidemicSound. This video is intended for a universal audience. Both kids and adults can enjoy this video!
The game Minecraft is for all ages and this video is intended for ALL ages to enjoy, not just for kids!

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