I'M BACK TO WORK! LET'S CELEBRATE! - Minecraft Survival: 194 [RTX | Single Player | Lets Play]

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I've been playing gigs again for the first time since last March and I'm so excited!! I want to celebrate by building a small medieval fantasy style amphitheater in my single player bedrock survival world, Tovalyn!

I've always had this weird small space at the foot of the epic custom mountain, and I think this is going to fill it in nicely!

Bedrock Survival with Fix is my single player survival world. I'm going to build up this world one block at a time, from small houses to vast cities surrounded by custom mountains! There is a rich lore and history to the world that we'll be exploring in books writen by the Council of Events and left throughout the world.

World Downloads every 25 episodes (every 5 episodes for Patrons/YouTube Members)

seed: -186212834005032334

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