How To COUNT Complex Time Signatures | Even If It's Dream Theater :-)

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Yes yes, we all know the old joke that drummers can only count up to 4 because they never need to get up to

... unless their name is Mike Portnoy or Neil

... and if you ever tried to figure out what these drummers do with time signatures, you may hare realized that you yourself have problems counting more than 4!

I sure did! I love complex time signatures, but they got me stumped for a

.... but in time I have developed a system that I use to count time signatures that works in difficult situations like:

- the song is too fast to count (" d#$%, I lost it again!")
- the time signature changes
- there are complex accents

And I also never explained this method in video


... because it looks really silly when I do it.

You can totally expect several comments on this video on how people will not be able to take me seriously ever again.

So why I am explaining it now?

Because a student asked me how I do it during a and we were recording that lesson and there were a lot more students

... and I answered without thinking. That's what happens when I am 'in the zone' while

So I figured, cat's out of the bag, might as well get out of the closet with my ridiculous-but-effective time-signature-counting system.

I will show you how I count time then I will do it step by step with you in a couple songs with odd time signatures so you can see exactly how it works.

Watch the video here - and don't laugh too much :-)

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