GTA V collab - lets play game play live stream for PS4 -

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I am starting to enjoy the quizzes on Friday so I am doing that from now on, I will be doing cooking, live streams, short explores, challenges and gaming.

The reason why i am doing quizzes/trivia’s as I have been to a few and I enjoyed them then and I enjoy hosting them now.

I am a down to earth person who loves to have a laugh with everyone who I know. I enjoying cooking, exploring and quizzes so I will be doing live quizzes on a Friday and upload videos, I like to shear my experience and knowledge with you all.

My trivia’s are every Friday at Severn pm on wards UK time, so I am hoping you all can join in on the fun.

If you enjoy my content please don’t hesitate to like, comment, shear and join my family.

Thank you all for joining me on here.

Mondays: Game night

Wednesday: Gaming, video or challenges

Fridays: Trivia

Sundays: Try and do a video
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