GTA Roleplay LIVE - Deputy On Duty.

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Join me on my live adventures with the various departments of the Aspirant Roleplay Community in our FiveM servers.
In these videos, we will join my civilian characters and Law Enforcement in the wonderful world of San Andreas.

Stream Rules:

1 - Be polite to each other!
2 - Do not ask questions about other communities or Streamers.
3 - Respect the Moderators with the wrench icon!
4 - Please refrain from suggesting fail RP scenarios, I won't do them.
5 - Please do not ask for shout outs, I do read comments and interact, be paitent!
6 - Please refrain from all caps, or chat spam!
7 - Please do not ask about face cam, I have said I won't be doing it on youtube.
8 - No Back Seat RP
9 - No 'Beer' talk.

Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the video! x

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Want to join us? (16+)

Make sure to give good detail in the application questions! Short answers will get denied. Attempt to write a few sentences for each one! (Its not hard, there are only two block answer questions!

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Intro Music:
Desmeon - Hellcat [NCS Release]
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