GTA IV 2023 REMASTER Leaks & Possibly Teased by Rockstar Games in GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition

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GTA IV Remastered 2023 Teased by Rockstar Games in the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition.

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With the GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition releasing in November 2021 things seemed promising to GTA But with the rocky release and many GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition bugs and glitches things aren't going well at all. On the bright side however, all month GTA 4 remastered leaks have been appearing all over the place. The first GTA 4 remaster leak coming from 4Chan detailing that the GTA 4 remaster will release in 2023 and feature a graphics overhaul, new NPCs and even the Red Dead Redemption 2 weather system in GTA IV. This specific leak was deleted shortly after going live and is nowhere to be found. The second GTA 4 remaster leak comes from RalphsValve on Twitter. RalphsValve is a renown Call of Duty leaker with a pretty good track record. So it's sufficient to say that there is some credibility here. Ralph tweeted on November 8th that Rockstar Games is working on a PS5 & Xbox Series X GTA 4 remaster set for 2023 and it will be bundled alongside Episodes from Liberty City. There is a new GTA Trilogy: Defintivie Edition Easter Egg that was added in potentially hinting at a return to Liberty City in 2023. And lastly, Take 2 Interactive has issued mod takedowns for GTA 4 as of yesterday and generally when this happens its because of a remaster being in the works. At least that's been the case since 2017 when the RDR1 Map Mod for GTA 5 was taken down and then a year later in RDR2 we saw a RDR1 remaster. And much like the RDR1 dilemma, Take 2 has been issuing mod takedowns for the GTA Trilogy the entirety of 2021.

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0:51-1:57 GTA 4 Remaster 4Chan Leak
1:58-3:10 GTA 4 Remaster Leaker History
3:11-3:58 GTA 4 Remaster 2023 Leak
3:59-5:18 GTA 4 Remaster 2023 Leak #2 & #3
5:19-6:04 GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition Easter Egg
6:05-7:21 GTA 4 Remaster Teased by Rockstar Games
7:22-8:21 Rockstar Games History of Teasing Future Titles
8:22- 8:55 Take 2 REMOVING GTA 4 Mods 2021
8:56-9:56 GTA Mod Takedowns = Remaster?
9:57-10:32 Outro
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