Deathloop Review | A Beautiful, Complex & Dense Action Game

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Here's something that might just surprise you: Deathloop may share some common design ethos with Dishonored and Prey, but it's a fundamentally different experience. Arkane establishes this early, with the first locked door you encounter. I do it almost on instinct, punching 0451 into the keypad and expecting it to swing open. Instead, I'm met with a blinking red light as Captain Colt Vahn growls something about 'old habits dying hard' – a PlayStation Trophy pops, a consolation prize for the infamous immersive sim cheat code not working on Blackreef either. I'll promise you this, you've never played an Arkane game quite like Deathloop before.

00:00 - Deathloop review
00:30 - Deathloop is a mix of Arcane's other games
00:50 - What is Deathloop about
01:46 - Deathloop powers
02:50 - Deathloop's strength is it's biggest weakness
03:44 - How Deathloop helps with it's puzzle
04:55 - Anyone who likes shooting a gun will like this
05:30 - Reinventing an FPS
05:49 - Summary

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