Creepypasta Legends VS Minecraft & Minecraft Story Mode Bosses [Herobrine VS WitherStorm]

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It’s a boss vs legends battle when Minecraft and Minecraft Story Mode bosses take on Creepy Pasta characters. Will the Ender Dragon, Wither Storm be strong enough to take on the Herobrine, Jeff the killer, jane the Killer and Slenderman? Find out in this epic battle!

00:51 - Iron Golems VS Jeff the Killer
01:42 - Pillagers VS Jane the Killer
02:24 - Icy Golem VS
03:41 - Giant Enderman VS Slenderman
04:31 - Wither VS Herobrine
05:20- Prismarine Colossus VS Crawling Rake
05:51 - Ender Dragon Vs Herobrine
07:10 - Minecraft & Minecraft Bosses VS Creepypasta Legends

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Minecraft Story Mode Retold

Wither Storm
Original creator Of This Wither Storm With functionality of being able to die is JualetYT (ElparceJuan) THE ORIGINAL CREATOR WITHOUT THE CAPACITY TO DIE IS 鸥吃鱼

Slenderman Add-on By 安瑞CN:

Herobrine HABIRGB -

Rake by Aaron Gamer:

Rake by

Music: Lucky Day - Jingle Punks Music provided by No Copyright Music
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