Complex Fibonacci Numbers?

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Huge thanks to Jane Street!

Check out Ben Sparks's GeoGebra files.
Binet formula 2D complex output:
3D imaginary output of Binet formula:
3D plot of absolute output of Binet formula:

My four-part series on Numberphile videos about Fibonacci Numbers (from 2014) starts here.

Here is me going on about the square root of five (Numberphile 2018).

This was the Fibonacci puzzle video from Matt Parker's Maths Puzzles.

Read a whole bunch about "Generalized Fibonacci Sequences and Binet-Fibonacci Curves".

The zero I found was at + and you can see the exact form here: *pi%29%2F%28pi+%2B+i*%28log%28sqrt%285%29+-+1%29+-+log%281+%2B+sqrt%285%29%29%29%29

Try it for yourself and put the Binet Formula (((1+sqrt(5))/2)^n - ((1-sqrt(5))/2)^n)/sqrt(5) in the Wolfram roots calculator:

This site has everything you'll ever need to know about Fibonacci Numbers.

Buttercup - The original buttercupchallenge

This was a long video and in hindsight there are a few things I wish I had phrased better. Here they all are:
- I misspoke around 01:13 when I said "negative one, zero" as it is clearly "negative one, one, zero".
- At 07:53 I mean the negative values -5 to 0. I said it a weird way.
- My language at about the 1D input to 2D plot from 09:17 is a bit sloppy. The real values going into the Binet function are not the horizontal axis shown; the plot onscreen is solely the output.
- I say "axis" when I mean "plane" or even "complex plane". The big flat thing.
Let me know if you spot anything else!

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