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Complex elbow referrals: World-renowned and UK registered Consultant Orthopaedic and Elbow Surgeon Roger van Riet will be available to see long-standing elbow patients; those seeking a second opinion or recent elbow injury patients at his clinic on 10th September at Harley Street Specialist Hospital. We will be holding a combined shoulder and elbow MDT during this period. To refer a patient or to book an appointment, please call +44 (0)20 7046 8006 or email rvr@

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Professor Roger van Riet is a pioneer in arthroscopic elbow surgery and has treated elbow injuries in many international athletes, including Olympic and world champions. He is well recognised for the development of his technique to repair and reconstruct the unstable elbow as well as tendon repairs around the elbow. As a dedicated elbow surgeon, he performs approximately 900 elbow surgeries every year. He has travelled the world as a teacher of elbow surgery, presenting his work at all major upper extremity meetings. He was a guest speaker at Harvard Sports Medicine, special guest at the Mayo Clinic Elbow Course and presented grand rounds at the university of Chicago.

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