Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex

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This Sapien Medicine (Legendary) album release contains
1. Brain and Spine Antioxidant Complex
2. Auto Immune Reversal
3. Jade Maneki-Neko Energy
4. The Mana Circuits
(Find the rest on steaming media)

This works towards providing a means to reduce inflammation in the brain and to help reduce the severity of any brain and spine related conditions by providing a unique combination of antioxidants, the approach is to provide a measure of natural antioxidants (catalase targeted to mitochondria and induced ALA), Induced Glutathione and AMPK production and a collection of excess hydrogen through your normal respiration to accumulate it around your brain and spine, these provide a host of benefits that will work in a very synergetic manner to provide the proper environmental conditions for a gentle healing and reduction in inflammation. Also added is an induced production of vitamin C to all related areas.

2-3 times or as needed.

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