A Definitive Failure - Rockstar Destroys Legacy With The GTA Trilogy Remaster - Now Worst Rated Game

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Rockstar Games now confirmed a morally bankrupt, incompetent, failure. With ratings of less than 1/10, it is clear that they have again screwed up. Their Game Launcher is complete garbage. After two years it has provided nothing but inconvenience to customers, but it has enabled Rockstar to remove access to games without refunds in violation of consumer rights law. Rockstar also accidentally gave away key files that were not intended to be in the release of The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, allowing for the almost immediate piracy of the games. Additionally, the games in the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition are terrible. Plagued by bad lighting, character models, and effects. Other companies have done better remasters, but Rockstar could have just remade these games. They should have given the games that were foundational to their company the respect they deserve. A truly sad day.

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