3000 Days Hardcore Minecraft - The Movie

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I've survived 3000 game days in my Hardcore world. It's been an incredible journey and I'm more than happy to finaly share the 2000-3000 days part of that adventure with you. For more details please read below.

Credits go out to
For inspiring me to see Hardcore Minecraft as a creative challenge.
@Luke TheNotable
For creating a platform on YT for Hardcore videos.

During my 3000 days in this Minecraft world I have always tried to get as much progress done as possible in the time that I had. Although I wasn't all that good at the game when I started this world a little bit of luck and a lot of carefull preparation got me through the first part of the game. After that I got more comfortable and started bigger projects. Ever since then I've worked very hard to get them closer to completion. At this point all the work shows, but I think you should go and see that for yourself.

This movie is a big step forward in editing and production. With time I believe that it'll keep getting better. For now I'm very proud of the result and it's awesome that you took the time to read this far down and find out. I hope you enjoy watching this, and that you'll feel all the love that went into making it.

World download link will be provided after I die in this world, or "finish the world". The first one could happen any day, but let's hope it doesn't (at least for a long time). The second one won't happen in the next two years. Sit tight, I will make it worth the wait.

If you want to learn more about the world here are a few resources for you to explore:

World statistics video:
World tour video: To be released shortly
2000 Days video:

SEUS Renewed -

Sky Resource Packs:
Dramatic Skys -
Dreamy Skys -

Connected Sea Lantern Resource Pack:

Movie Soundtrack:
00:01 The Proposal -John Bork
01:00 Protector Of The Sky – Jo Wandrini
02:11 A Sound Foundation – Airae
03:59 Rise from the Ashes – Sam Shore
07:09 Emerald Dream – FormantX
07:33 Cold Light of Day – Across The Great Valley
10:40 Rising Heroes – Reynard Seidel
12:34 Native Land – Dream Cave
15:08 Never Say No – Clarence Reed
17:23 I Need a Remedy (instrumental version) – Of Men And Wolves
20:30 Frustration In Disguise – Taylor Crane
22:55 Lift Off – Killrude
25:37 Illuminator – Locus Clouds
28:20 Infected Ground (instrumental version) – Particle House
31:42 Clockmaster’s Magic Pendulum – Grant Newman
33:16 The Sound of Arrows – Bonnie Grace
35:09 Zion -Edgar Hopp
38:04 Stress Zone – Alan Carlson-Green
40:04 Neptune – Bonnie Grace
41:49 Castles in the Sky – Across The Great Valley
45:12 Juggernaut March – FormantX
45:39 Emerald Dream – FormantX
47:46 Heavy Words We’re Holding – Trevor Kowalski
50:50 Never or Right Now (instrumental version) - ELFL

Loonyville discord:

00:00 Introduction
02:11 The Loonyville Mid-income Residential Area
03:59 The Loonyville Castle Slums
09:30 Loony vs the World
12:30 The Loonyville Crafts District
15:00 The Heart of the Sea
17:23 The Hunt
20:29 In Captivity
22:55 Boom Boom
25:37 Gathering 200k concrete
31:40 Raiding the End
38:00 Constructing the End Mirror
41:49 The Home of the Sea
45:14 A clash with three Withers
47:45 The End Statue
50:50 3000 Days Fireworks
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