100 Days in Minecraft’s Twilight Forest Mod

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100 Days in Minecraft's Twilight Forest Mod was my greatest journey yet! The Twilight Forest is one of the best Minecraft mods out there, filled with adventure! I thought this mod would be perfect for my 100 days in modded Minecraft survival series and it ended up being a real challenge. Join me on my quest to survive 100 days in Minecraft’s Twilight Forest.

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| Modpacks Used |
WARNING: Do Not Use Optifine (the mod does not work with Optifine)
Twilight Forest ()

Just Enough Items ()

Music in this Video:

Forest of Fear -

Bonfire - Alexander Nakarada
Dungeons and Dragons - Alexander Nakarada
Now we Feast - Alexander Nakarada
Behind The Sword - Alexander Nakarada
Sir Orkshield - Ean Grimm
Blacksmith - Alexander Nakarada
Sir Fireheart - Ean Grimm
Prepare for War - Alexander Nekarara
Sir Trollmoonshire - Ean Grimm
Marked - Alexander Nekarada
The Road Home - Alexander Nekarada
Wolf Fang Legends - Ean Grimm
Queen of the Celts - Ean Grimm
Sir Daggerpride - Ean Grimm
Grundar - Alexander Nakarada
Leaving for Valhalla - Alexander Nakarada
The Vikings - Alexander Nakarada

"Dragon Castle" by Makai Symphony

"Fire and Thunder" by Cjbeards

"Warrior Rising" by Ean Grimm

Glory - (Royalty Free Epic Music)

We're Back to Fight
- Composer: Alexander Hoff
- Youtube Channel:

Viking War Music Background Epic - No Copyright (2020)

Conquer them all - Ean Grimm

Heart Of Steal - Ean Grimm

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